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Nyko’s latest product line is a little odd

Would you please strap these vibrators to your arms?

Charlie Hall is Polygon’s tabletop editor. In 10-plus years as a journalist & photographer, he has covered simulation, strategy, and spacefaring games, as well as public policy.

Peripherals manufacturer Nyko announced a few interesting products at this year’s E3 and, while we’re big fans of some of their kit we're not entirely sure we need any of this stuff ... with one exception.

Topping the list of devices with questionable utility is the VR Guardian, a system of Bluetooth-enabled wristbands that vibrate when you’ve reached the limit of your pre-defined roomscale VR space. In the same way that Invisible Fence warns your dog before he makes water on the neighbor’s hibiscus, VR Guardian shakes and shudders in hope of preventing you from putting your fist through the television.

Trouble is, devices like the HTC Vive already have a ghostly, virtual barrier inside VR to visually remind you of exactly the same thing. Your mileage may vary. VR Guardian can be yours this fall for $99.99.

Next up is the Nyko SpeakerCom, which turns your controller into a speakerphone.

If you thought that one guy with the hot mic in your party was annoying on a headset, just wait until you get a load of the two other yokels he’s sitting next to on the couch. If you simply can’t game with a headset on, you can get yours this fall for $24.99.

Nyko also offers up a newly redesigned Intercooler Grip. For those with sweaty hands, this battery-powered $19.99 fan promises to keep the nooks and crannies of your various phalanges in fighting form.

The good news is, this product probably has fewer side effects than Gamergrip, the official hand antiperspirant of Major League Gaming. Available in the fall, they’re currently up for pre-order at both Gamestop and Amazon.

Finally, there’s the Charge Block Duo which, for my money, is essential gear for anyone with a PlayStation 4.

Unlike some charging stations, the Charge Block Duo has a very low center of gravity which will help prevent the cat from knocking it off your end table. The Xbox One version even comes with two rechargeable batteries for $19.99.

I personally use this model by Insignia that I bought on the cheap to keep my DualShocks charged at all times. But man is it ever a piece of junk. I’ll be placing my order for the PlayStation 4 version of the Charge Block in September when it shows up at retail stores and on Amazon.

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