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Here are all the new Pokémon Nintendo announced at E3

No trash bags this time around, unfortunately

Nintendo used its Treehouse presentation at E3 to debut a couple of new Pokémon that will debut in Game Freak's upcoming Pokemon Moon and Sun.

The first pocket monster the company revealed was Pikipek, a normal and flying type Pokémon whose special abilities include "Keen Eye" and something called "Skilled Link." In the video compilation that Game Freak put together to show off the new Pokemon, Pikipek can be seen nodding his head back and forth before delivering a pecking-style attack on an opposing Popplio, one of the new starter Pokémon.

The second Pokémon in the video, Yungoos, has already received quite a bit of attention online from fans who have referred to it as the Pokemon version of Donal Trump, from a purely aesthetic perspective. The normal-type Pokémon has a couple of special abilities including "Stakeout" and "Strong Jaw." In the video, he can be seen landing a particularly hard head-butt on Litten, another new starter Pokémon.

The last Pokémon Nintendo unveiled today was Grubbin, a bug type Pokémon that resembles a hermit crab. It has one special ability, "Swarm," which can be seen in the video.

On top of announcing these Pokémon, Nintendo showed off a little more of the mythical steel-type Pokémon, Magearna. Her special ability is called "Soul-Heart" and is one of the most devastating attacks seen thus far. In a two-on-two Pokemon battle, Magearna can take all of the energy from her recently fainted teammate and use their life to land a critical blow. The ability can be seen in action in the video.

Pokemon Moon and Sun will be available on the 3DS Nov. 18, 2016.

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