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Titanfall 2 reveals its sword-wielding Titan class

I studied the blade!

At tonight's Dorito's Mix event at E3 2016, Titanfall 2 developer Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts debuted the third of six gigantic robots expected to feature in the game when it launches this fall. The Ronin class Titan resembles the Strider from the first Titanfall, with one main, notable difference: a giant sword.

When Respawn first teased Titanfall 2 back in April, it did so with a sword-wielding Titan. Now the mystery of which giant mech will wield a melee weapon has been solved.

Titanfall 2 made its official debut last Sunday at EA's Play press conference, where it was announced the sequel would release for PlayStation 4 in addition to Xbox One and Windows PC. Titanfall 2 is currently scheduled to release on Oct. 28, just one week after publisher EA's shooter juggernaut Battlefield 1.

You can read more about Titanfall 2 in our feature story about the game's development here.

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