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Pokémon Go will be released in July

AR game comes to phones sometime next month

During Nintendo's E3 livestream, the publisher announced that its upcoming AR mobile Pokémon game being made with Niantic Labs, Pokémon Go, would be released sometime in July. Pokémon Go Plus, the hardware device that allows players to use the game without taking out their phone, will also be released for $34.99.

Pokémon Go uses AR technology and smartphones to allow players to search out and catch Pokémon in their own backyard. Players can either choose to use programmed backgrounds that will contribute to a more traditional gaming experience or use their smartphone camera to have the Pokémon appear on the streets of their town or cities. The game has been in development for quite some time, and the company recently opened up field testing to people in the United States, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

The more Pokémon caught and trained, the more experience points a trainer gets and the more powerful they become. As they become more powerful, they'll be given the option to catch more stronger and rarer Pokémon. The publisher also confirmed that catching multiple Pokémon rewards trainers with "candy" which can be used to make Pokémon evolve into their next form. Although Nintendo did not specify how often legendary Pokémon could be caught, it was previously reported that the publisher was looking into hosting events in different cities to allow players to catch those type of Pokémon.

Pokemon Go Plus

When asked about trading and whether trading would be available at launch, Nintendo said that although they are developing that feature, it wouldn't be available until after launch. The company said it was more invested in making sure that the core experience for the app was fantastic, allowing players to learn how to use it and catch some Pokémon before trading with others.

Nintendo also addressed whether Pokémon Go would be connected to the rest of the Pokémon universe, and said that eventually there will be some kind of connectivity between Pokémon Go and the upcoming 3DS games from Game Freak, Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Pokémon Go Plus, the hardware device that players can wear on their wrist or attach to their clothing, also got an update during the livestream, including a price point. Although it won't be made available right at launch, Nintendo said that it was working diligently on getting it ready, but told fans they could pick it up for $34.99 when it was released.

Although Pokémon Go Plus will come in at $34.99, the actual game will be free when it launches next month on both iOS and Android devices. For more details, check out Nintendo's full presentation.

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