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You can't finish The Surge without taking the time to explore

Stop and smell the, uh ... scraps

The Surge, Deck13's sci-fi followup to Lords of the Fallen, will challenge players in more than just its one-on-one combat. According to CEO Jan Klose, players who hope to finish the game will need to spend some time poking around its world.

"This game is a lot about exploration," said CEO Jan Klose. "If you don't explore, you cannot complete this game."

Deck13 showed a short demo of the pre-alpha gameplay at E3 2016. In the demo — which focused on exploring the outdoors, the first we've seen outside of The Surge's bloody compound — Klose explained that players need to salvage parts from enemies and the game's world. The scrap you find (or cut off of enemies) will help you improve your items and skill.

"you need to find secrets. you need to find out what's going on."

"It's a rather cruel way of gathering equipment in this game, but this is really a general part of how you play," Klose said. "You find out what's in the game world, and you take what's in the game world.

"There's not always a straight way in this game. If you just go the straight path, you'll not be strong enough to defeat the bosses. You'll not really manage to play the game. You'll need to look around. You need to find secrets. You need to find out what's going on."

Although you'll need to spend some time digging around the game's world, you won't have to fight every enemy you see. It's possible to sneak past some that are occupied with other things, like the foe we found banging his head against a wall. Each enemy has different tactics key to their behavior. It's less of a puzzle, the developer said, and more of a game about getting into your own method of dealing with enemies.

"They all have their part in the story," Klose said.

The Surge will launch next year for Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The next level of puzzles.

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