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Watch us test Harmonix Music VR with the best of Japanese future bass

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Harmonix Music VR is only as good as your music collection. While the game comes preloaded with 17 music tracks of its own (including songs from recent Harmonix games Amplitude and A City Sleeps), the entire conceit of Harmonix Music VR revolves around taking your existing music library and playing with it inside of four very different game experiences: The Trip, The Beach, The Dance and The Easel.

When we took our E3 appointment to see Harmonix Music VR, we came armed with a USB drive filled with some of our favorite recent music — and that just so happened to consist almost entirely of music from independent Japanese electronic music label Trekkie Trax. (This served two purposes: It allowed us both to push Harmonix Music VR's internal music analysis engine to its limits with dense, high-energy, fast-paced music, and it enabled us sidestep the issue of potentially getting hit with a YouTube copyright strike.) The result: an immersive, surreal, and surprisingly reactive way to experience some of our favorite examples of this emerging genre.

Above, watch us play through The Trip using three remarkably different songs: Blacklolita's bootleg edit of Masayoshi Iimori's "Whirlwind," Lolica Tonica's remix of Parkgolf's "LOG IN," and Amunoa's remix of Quadrophenia's "Flax".

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