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Tilt Brush meets music visualizer in Harmonix Music VR's "The Easel"

Create 3D paintings that react to your music collection

Google's 3D painting software Tilt Brush is widely considered one of virtual reality's "killer apps" — it's one of the rare VR experiences that couldn't be replicated in any other medium. Unfortunately, Tilt Brush is currently exclusive to the HTC Vive, so folks who want to experience 3D painting for themselves have, until now, been forced to between waiting for Google to bring the game to new platforms or plunking down 600 bucks for the Vive — until now.

Harmonix might not be the first developer you'd expect to step in with a Tilt Brush variation of their own, but that's exactly what they're bringing to PlayStation VR this October: The Easel, one of four experiences shipping with their Harmonix Music VR game collection. The Easel largely resembles Tilt Brush, but with one significant twist: like the rest of the games in Harmonix Music VR, The Easel has integrated support for Harmonix's internal music analysis engine, meaning everything you paint in The Easel is music-reactive, responding dynamically to your own music collection as you paint.

Last week, we got the chance to go hands-on with The Easel at E3 2016, and came away with a video of our time with the game. Above, check out four minutes of gameplay of The Easel, including its wide palate of music-reactive brushes and surprisingly intuitive controls, all set to the bizarre ambient sounds of isagen's remix of callasoiled's Hatsune Miku collaboration track "4172756869."

For more from Harmonix Music VR, check out the below video of The Beach, and check out our playlist detailing the various worlds included in the game.

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