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Xbox One X will be released this November for $499

Be prepared to pay for that power


Microsoft’s more powerful Xbox One, the Xbox One X, will launch Nov. 7, 2017. Microsoft revealed the release date today during its E3 press conference today, where the company showed off the complete system for the first time. The system will cost $499.99.

This is what comes in the box:

Every Xbox One X unit will come with a 1TB hard drive, a matching Xbox Wireless Controller, HDMI cable, power supply, a 1-month free Xbox Game Pass subscription and a 14-day free Xbox Live Gold membership.

Upcoming games will look great on the Xbox Scorpio, but Microsoft has also been stressing how much the system will improve your current collection of games.

“We’re going to be the ones that ensure that your games run as fast as they can [and] the best that they possibly can,” Microsoft’s Andrew Goossen told Eurogamer this spring. "There will be some cases where we have to dial down some of those attributes ... in some games we potentially have to dial down the number of [compute units], for example, to maintain compatibility with that title. But again, these are all things that Microsoft does, we’ve always done, that’s true of all 360 titles on Xbox One. We just make sure it runs the best it possibly can on Scorpio and we’re very excited that Scorpio really will be the best place to run all your Xbox content.”

If you want the best possible console performance in gaming, and are willing to pay for it, Microsoft has become your best bet. The Xbox One X boasts a more than fourfold increase over the Xbox One's graphics capability, a 31 percent increase in CPU speed and a 50 percent increase in onboard RAM.