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Shadow of War’s sassy Orc wins Microsoft’s press conference by a mile

Bless you, Bruz

Twitter called the victor of this year’s Microsoft press conference before it was even over. His name is Bruz the Chopper, star of the latest Middle-earth: Shadow of War trailer.

Bruz’s winning banter with the player captured the hearts of viewers, made all the better by his sultry voice. A popular point of comparison is another Bruz — or Bruce, rather. Bruz the Chopper sounds a lot like Bruce the Shark from Finding Nemo, according to his new Twitter fans:

The combination of Bruz’s dulcet tones and his legitimate wit has nabbed him tons of fans, many of whom are hoping for Shadow of War to have a secret dating sim mode. Hanging out with Bruz might not be enough for some; they’ve got some serious crushes on this sweet, chatty boy.

Sadly, Bruz will never get to be our boyfriend. The majority of the trailer shown during the press conference revolved around the player trying to take Bruz down. Maybe we’ll get a chance to work with him, not against him ... but Shadow of War isn’t called Shadow of the Orc Harem for a reason.

For the rest of Microsoft’s E3 2017 announcements, check out our roundup. We can’t promise you’ll fall in love with anything as quickly as the internet fell for Bruz, though.

Shadow of War is out Oct. 10 on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One. It will also have special enhancements on the 4K-capable, higher-powered Xbox One X when that system is available on Nov. 7.

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