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Microsoft proud of Xbox One X price

“We built this to be a premium product.”

Xbox One X as seen on Live at E3

The $499 price point for the Xbox One X may have taken some of the wind out of the sails of Xbox fans when it was announced at E3, but Microsoft says it’s “proud of the pricing.”

In an interview following the Xbox E3 press conference Sunday night, Aaron Greenberg, head of Xbox games marketing, joined Geoff Keighley on is Live at E3 show to discuss the new iteration of the Xbox One console.

Shortly into his appearance on the show, Keighley asked Greenberg about the pricing which he described as “double the price of an Xbox One S.”

“What’s your message to the Xbox community?” he asked.

“We’re proud of the pricing,” Greenberg said. “The fact is we designed this to be a premium product that has the most power, the most performance that has ever been seen, no compromises; true 4K gaming.

“Look at something like Forza that is delivering that native 4K, 60 frames per second. That takes an incredibly powerful GPU. That takes a lot of memory. That takes really unique design. So we designed it with no compromises. We did not build this to be a low price box. We built this to be a premium product for people that want the very, very best console games they’ve ever seen.”

The Xbox One X hits Nov. 7 for $499 and will include support for enhanced visuals such as 4K and HDR video. Microsoft said that 35 existing games will receive a free upgrade to take advantage of the new tech, with more to come.

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