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Microsoft: Your original Xbox discs will work on Xbox One

Xbox backward compatibility is going to be very easy


Microsoft announced that original Xbox games will soon work on the Xbox One family of consoles, and Microsoft’s Albert Penello has tweeted out a few more details about how that will work. The short version of the news is that however you want to do it, it will work.

Not every game will work — Microsoft has to add specific support for each game and the list of titles will be limited at first — but getting access to the supported games sounds pretty easy. Those Xbox discs you have? You can play them. Those games you purchased via Xbox Live back in the day? They will work. You will be able to link three generations of Xbox systems, and that’s pretty wild.

We don’t have a list of which Xbox games will be available for play on the Xbox One, although 460 Xbox games were available to play via backwards compatibility on the Xbox 360, but we do know the feature will be shown off at E3. We’re looking forward to checking it out.

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