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Bethesda shows off Doom VFR

For those who can’t get close enough to exploding innards

Bethesda showed off Doom VFR at the company’s E3 keynote. Great news for those who’ve ever blown up a demon in Doom and thought “I wish I could get that on my face.” (Regarding the title: We’re not sure what the “F” stands for, but it’s probably ... a cuss.)

As you’ll see in the above clip, the game uses teleportation to get your through the campaign. It looks great, but sadly Bethesda didn’t offer any release window for the game beyond sometime in 2017. For the moment, you’ll just have to keep killing demons through your screen, like a commoner.

Doom VFR is described as a “new virtual reality game” from id Software. It’s coming to PlayStation VR and Vive platforms.

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