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Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is adding vaulting and climbing, and that’s a huge deal

This looks amazing

Have you ever played Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, only to be frustrated by the awkward act of just jumping over and over until you’re able to scale a fence or a wall?

Those days are about to be gone forever, as it has been announced that vaulting and mantling will be added to the game in a future update. Even better? It looks great, and will take advantage of a dynamic animation system.

This may seem like a basic feature, but players of the game aren’t being snarky or ironic when they talk about how exciting this is. The ability to climb over, or onto, vertical structures in the game is going to change the players’ strategy, and will likely impact the rhythm of the game. If nothing else, this is going to force you to be even more careful as you scan the distance for human targets.

Let’s take a look at the system in action, starting with this climb over a fence.

That wall? Oh yes, you can climb on top of it. The animations look great.

Jump on top of cars.

You’ll be able to dynamically vault over low walls while running, which will change the rhythm of the game and could lead to even more interesting firefights.

At this point they’re just showing off.

Not ready for a confrontation inside a house? You now have another option to get out very quickly.

This is going to be epic. There is no release date for this system to be added to the game, but we hope it’s sooner rather than later.

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