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Wargroove makes it easy to make your own Fire Emblem- or Advance Wars-style map

A simple, playable map in under three minutes? Yep

Chucklefish Games

Developer Chucklefish took to the stage at the PC Gaming Show during E3 2017 to play its upcoming strategy role-playing game, Wargroove. In a live stage demo, the devs showed off the game’s powerful map and campaign editing tools.

Heavily inspired by Nintendo’s classic strategy series, Fire Emblem and Advance Wars, Wargroove is a turn-based strategy title where you explore maps and fight in tough tactical battles. But it’s not just Chucklefish’s own take on those classics; it can be yours as well, thanks to an extremely flexible map editor.

Despite its depth, Wargroove’s map editor requires little more work than pointing and clicking. The game also includes an overworld map editor. Different missions can be linked together via map markers, and you can even create branching paths with unique conditions to open them up.

During the stage demo, the Chucklefish developer was able to put together a simple map in less than three minutes. They emphasized the ease of use for anyone wanting to put together their own unique scenarios.

In addition to player creation options, Wargroove will feature a bunch of developer-created campaigns and online and local multiplayer. It will arrive on Windows PC, Xbox One and Switch some time in 2017.

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