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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle arrives in August

Miyamoto talks up this weirdo crossover

Nintendo’s creative fellow Shigeru Miyamoto appeared alongside Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot during E3 2017 today to officially reveal Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, a unique crossover role-playing game starring the Super Mario and Raving Rabbids worlds. The game will hit Nintendo Switch on Aug. 29.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle — a title that leaked long before this year’s Ubisoft press conference — is a weapons-based RPG that stems from a longstanding relationship between Nintendo and Ubisoft.

“Over the years I’ve always felt the deep heartfelt passion that Ubisoft developers have for Nintendo and its characters,” Miyamoto explained during the press conference. Miyamoto then said he’s “always been a fan” of the Rabbids characters in particular, so the partnership made sense to him.

After Miyamoto’s introduction, one of the game’s producers debuted gameplay for the first time. That trailer is above, and it shows a combination of Mario characters — and Rabbids dressed up like Mario characters.

The game involves a party composed of both sets of characters adventuring through a Mario-style world. It’s got two phases: exploration as well as turn-based RPG battles. When entering a battle, the game switches from exploration mode to a limited area where they can fight take strategic positions and fight enemies.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is developed by Ubisoft with collaboration from Nintendo. Expect more information during E3 2017 later this week. Until then, watch the eight-minute behind-the-scenes video with Shigeru Miyamoto below to learn more.

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