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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle gets these very pricey figures

No amiibo announced yet; just these decorative figurines

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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Ubisoft/Nintendo

There are already figures on sale for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, but these aren’t amiibo. Instead, they’re six-inch figurines of Rabbids characters cosplaying as various Mario stars — and they cost $39.99 each.

There are four variations of these figures, each one a detailed replica of Kingdom Battle’s Mario-styled Rabbids. There’s a Yoshi, Peach, Mario and Luigi on sale, but they don’t do much beyond looking exactly like the in-game characters.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle figure
The six-inch Mario figure from the collection.

Only the six-inch versions of these characters will sell for $39.99, at least. There are also three-inch figures available for $19.99. Still, both cost a significant amount more than Nintendo’s amiibo collection, which typically cost $12.99 at retail. Amiibo also unlock special features for the company’s games, something these standard Rabbids toys don’t appear to do.

Anyone who’s really, really into Rabbids cosplaying as Mario characters will appreciate these figures, though, even if they’re a bit pricy. Ubisoft’s store page says they’ll start shipping out by September 2017. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, a crossover RPG starring characters from both franchises, will launch on Nintendo Switch Aug. 29.

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