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Supermassive projects, Final Fantasy 15’s fishing on the way to PlayStation VR

The strangest PSVR update finds a release window, with some others on the way


The virtual reality-compatible slice of Final Fantasy 15 will be available this September. First announced at least year’s Sony E3 press conference, the company included it as part of this year’s briefing, but with a new look

A very brief trailer for Monster of the Deep showed plenty of first-person action that focuses on the lighter side of Final Fantasy 15. There’s plenty of fishing and hanging out with the boys around the campfire, although there should be some fights in the mix as well.

Sony also showed off a handful of other titles for its PlayStation VR headset. These include Bravo Team, a shooter, and the spine-tingling The Inpatient, both developed by Until Dawn creator Supermassive Games. as well as a funky space-set adventure game called Starchild, by Playful, creators of Lucky’s Tale for the Oculus Rift.

There was also Moss, produced by Polyarc. That starred a tiny mouse that takes on much bigger enemies, making for one of the cuter PlayStation VR titles we’ve seen thus far.

These encompassed the majority of Sony’s PlayStation VR showcase during its E3 2017 presser. Other games announced as on the way include Superhot VR, currently available for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. The PlayStation VR headset launched last October.