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Spider-Man’s chest emblem is different for a reason, Insomniac says

Plus, a little more about that swinging

Insomniac’s Spider-Man game was one of the best parts of Sony’s E3 press conference last night, but in between Spidey swinging through New York and a medley of combat scenes, you might have missed some interesting details.

Spider-Man’s chest emblem, for example, gained some attention on Twitter last night when people had questions about its particular color. When most people think of Spider-Man, the suit that pops into their minds is the classic red and blue one with a black emblem.

Following the conference, people were split on the suit, with some admonishing Insomniac for the alteration and others praising the developer. In a response to one disappointed fan on Twitter, the developer confirmed the reason the emblem had been changed would be explained in the game.

Spider-Man’s suit wasn’t the only clarification Insomniac offered via Twitter following the show. The gameplay mechanic that defines Spider-Man games is swinging. Each game uses a different approach Spider-Man’s swing. NeoGAF user Messofanego uploaded a series of GIFs last night comparing three different Spider-Man games to showcase the differences. The first is taken from Beenoxs Amazing Spider-Man from 2012. The second comes Treyarch’s Spider-Man 2 and the last one was taken from footage of Spider-Man shown at Sony’s conference last night.




On Twitter, Insomniac confirmed that its game would use physics-based swinging. This means that the swinging isn’t just animation, but Spider-Man’s movements will be reactive to whatever happens to him in the game’s environment. This means that players will gain momentum as they swing through the city, affecting Spider-Man’s airborne activity.

The biggest surprise of the evening came after PlayStation’s sizzle reel. Summing up what had been shown was confirmation that Miles Morales would be in the game.

Although Morales probably won’t play the Spider-Man seen swinging through New York City in the video above, it is interesting that he and Peter Parker could exist in the same game.

Spider-Man will be released exclusively for PlayStation 4 in 2018.