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Beyond Good and Evil 2 easter egg hunt

Lots to find

When Ubisoft rolled out the Beyond Good and Evil 2 trailer on Monday, the company made it clear that there were a lot of easter eggs to find in the nearly four-minute video.

The publisher even rolled out its own scene-by-scene breakdown of the video, but there’s more to find if you have the time and knowledge.

Here’s some of the stuff that’s already been uncovered on the Ubi forums:

0:05- Spotted a poster of a piglet-hybrid similar to the one in the concept art we saw not too long ago.

0:36- Pey'J-ie

1:06- Advertisement for Mammago Garage

2:15- Wilhelm Scream

2:58 - Mammago Rhino

3:14 - Green eyes, call back to Jade.

3:16- Original Beyond Good and Evil theme.

3:18 there's a box of K-Bups on the table to the right

Forum goers also spotted things like a reference to Céline Tellier, a colleague of Michel Ancel, “Radio Cheeta" and the Space Monkey Program.

What did you spot? What are we missing? Add it to comments.

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