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Mario possesses man, a frog, a dinosaur and more in Super Mario Odyssey

Here’s all the great transformations — and costumes!

super mario odyssey Nintendo

We’ll be blunt: Super Mario Odyssey looks amazing. The coolest new gameplay feature we saw in the game’s first full trailer may be Mario’s special hat ability. Cappy, his sentient hat, has the power to possess virtually anything in the world.

Yep. Super Mario Odyssey’s coolest mechanic is possession. If Mario flings Cappy at certain people or things, he “captures” them and absorbs their powers. It ... sounds weird, sure — but it looks awesome. Check out a bunch of the creatures and beings whose bodies Mario inhabited during our first peek at the game.

super mario odyssey
Mario can become a huge T. Rex with a very tiny Mario hat and ‘stache.
Mario doesn’t just stomp on Goombas’ heads anymore. Now he can become their leader.
Another enemy Mario can capture is a Bullet Bill. Rad.
super mario odyssey - cappa
Mario the Friendly Ghost Hat.
Mario makes for a nice rocket ship, honestly.
super mario odyssey - mario as a turtle man
Mario becomes a Koopa Troopa, and it’s ... it’s something.
Super Mario Odyssey - Mario as a statue
We have mixed feelings about Statue Mario.
Super Mario Odyssey - Mario as a car
Mario! Becomes! A! Cab!
Mario as a little baby Cheep-Cheep.
Mario as a tank is everything. EVERYTHING.
Super Mario Odyssey
Mario as a Chain-Chomp! Cool.
Mario becomes a viewfinder ... that can jettison into the air. Because that’s how those work.
super mario odyssey - mario as a frog
We want to kiss this Frog Mario straight on the lips.
Super Mario Odyssey - Mario as a person
Mario finally can experience the horrors of being a human man with normal proportions.
Mario can also get different hats that change up his outfit. Here’s his jazzy sombrero-poncho combo.
Super Mario Odyssey - Mario as a swimmer dude
We won’t shame Mario for wearing a floaty.
American football: The one sport Mario has yet to conquer.
We’d kill for a Mario version of Overcooked or Cooking Mama.

Rewatch the new Super Mario Odyssey trailer below to see all of these in action. That’s what we’ll be doing for the rest of forever ... until Oct. 27, anyway, when the game launches on Nintendo Switch.

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