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Rabbids ended up in Mushroom Kingdom thanks to a ‘washing time machine’

Because of course


Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is one of the more interesting titles announced at E3 this year, but the story of how the Rabbids ended up in Mushroom Kingdom is even more fascinating.

Xavier Manzanares, a producer at Ubisoft Paris, and Davide Mendes, a motion designer at Ubisoft Paris, joined Nintendo for the publisher’s Treehouse livestream to talk about the game. While playing through one of the areas, Manzanares spoke about how the Rabbids ended up in the Mushroom Kingdom.

“The Rabbids used a washing time machine to come to the Mushroom Kingdom,” Manzanares said. “The Rabbids have teleported into the Kingdom and it changed the Kingdom completely ... Mario doesn't know anything about the Rabbids when the game starts.”

People may have guessed that Mario was confused by their presence based on his reaction to their appearance in the reveal trailer, but Manzanares said he will get accustomed to their being in his world. In order for Mario to save the Rabbids, he will have to destroy them, Manzanares said, making his involvement with the creatures crucial to their survival.

Manzanares said the Rabbids have been controlled by an evil force and when Mario defeats them, he actually saves them. How many Rabbids he needs to defeat at any given time will differ, the producer added, confirming that some levels will require Mario to take out all the enemies while others will only ask him to destroy a certain amount.

While Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle will focus heavily on combat, Mendes confirmed the game is full of zany and offbeat humor that both Super Mario and Rabbids fans will enjoy.

“You can burn enemies so they’re running with their bottom on fire,” Mendes added as an example.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle will be released on Aug. 29 for the Nintendo Switch.

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