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Final Fantasy 15 Universe trailer confirms Prompto Episode release date, more to come

Square Enix has given Final Fantasy 15 fans the best news today: “Prompto’s Episode” will be available to play later this month.

A new E3 trailer for Final Fantasy 15 Universe, a sub-franchise that collects different games, DLC, films and more related to Final Fantasy 15, confirmed the date. Square Enix first teased the DLC in March. The teaser was attached to “Episode Gladiolus,” another DLC made available for Final Fantasy 15 players at the end of March.

Final Fantasy 15 Universe will also give players the ability to watch movies like Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy 15, which was released last year, and free updates for other games.

The full list of what’s available as part of Final Fantasy 15 Universe can be seen in the trailer above. More information is expected to be released during Square Enix’s E3 livestream, which will occur over the next few days.

Final Fantasy 15 Universe is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, PSVR, Xbox One, Google Play and the App Store.

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