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Fire Emblem Warriors gameplay includes major focus on combat

Marth, Xander, Corrin and more heroes are ready to fight

Fire Emblem Warriors will allow players to take control of fan-favorite characters like Marth, Xander and Corrin and enter into some pretty intense battles.

During Nintendo’s Treehouse livestream, the publisher showed off nearly 30 minutes of gameplay. In that time, the focus was mostly on the different combat scenarios players will find themselves in, but there were a few hints at what to expect out of the game’s story. The video concluded with the announcement that Chrom and Tiki, recently featured in Fire Emblem Heroes, will be available as amiibo figures this year.

Nintendo first announced Fire Emblem Warriors in January during a Nintendo Direct presentation. The publisher confirmed Warriors would follow the heroes as they take on a dragon threatening to terrorize the heroes. They must stop the beast before it has the chance to “bring chaos and destruction to the land.”

Fire Emblem Warriors will be released this Fall for the Switch. It’s also coming to Nintendo 3DS.

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