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Watch Mario shiver, dance and strike a pose in Super Mario Odyssey gameplay video

It’s all very adorable

Super Mario Odyssey is slated to be one of Nintendo’s biggest games and this 30-minute gameplay video demonstrates all of its adorable quirks.

There were two Super Mario Odyssey segments on Nintendo’s Treehouse Live session, which took place directly after the publisher’s Spotlight this morning. It’s the second gameplay segment, however, that proved to be the most interesting. In the video, Mario is exploring a world called the Wooded Kingdom, which is home to a race of creatures called steam gardeners. It’s one of the more heavily wooded settings, which allows Mario to look out over mountains, sink down in tall grass or climb up tall vines.

The best parts of the video, however, are all of Mario’s adorable moments. When Mario is in an environment that scares him, he shivers. After fussing around with the boombox that appears beside vendors, he wiggles his butt. When Mario switches into a new outfit, he strikes an adorable little pose. It’s these little quirks that make Odyssey so intriguing and there are a number of moments where it’s hard to hold back a little, “aw!”

Polygon also went hands-on with the game. We managed to make it all the way to the boss level, which featured a rabbit named Harriet. It can be seen in the video below.

Super Mario Odyssey will be released on Oct. 27 for the Switch.

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