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You're going to want to find some time for Minit

Sweet indie game is developed by a couple who travel the world

Jan Willem Nijman / Kitty Callis

Minit is a charming game with an intriguing backstory. I found out all about the game during an E3 meeting and demo today and had to share it. I'm sure I'll be telling this one all week.

It's being developed by Jan Willem Nijman, best known as a co-founder of Vlambeer, along with Kitty Calis, whose previous experience includes work on Horizon Zero Dawn and Action Henk.

Here's the thing. They are a couple who travel the world, writing the game as they go. Calis explains that judicious use of cheap flights and Airbnb allows them to keep on the move, generally staying in the same place for only a month.

She told me that it works out less expensive than paying rent on a flat in their former location, the Netherlands city of Utrecht.

Kitty Calis in Portugal

So far, they've spent the last year in Spain, South Africa, Mauritius, Brazil and Argentina, among other places.

The game is also being worked on by Hamburg-based Dominik Johann and Helsinki-based Jukio Kallio.

So having talked about all this for a while, I played some Minit. It too is intriguing.

Set in a simple top-down monochrome world, I explore one area after another looking for a tool. Once the tool has been found, I have 60 seconds until I die (thus the game's name). Whatever happens, I definitely die after a minute is up.

When I come back to life, I keep the tool, which can be used to open up new areas. As the game progresses, I accrue more and more tools, which I can use to solve various access puzzles. Nijman said the game is designed to last a few hours.

As I explore new areas, I find new home bases, meaning I don't have to cover the same ground over and over again.

It's a really neat idea that seems to work, allowing the player both the urgency of using a tool in under a minute, and the luxury of more considered play, once reincarnated.

The Minit team plans to release the game this year. But they have no plans to settle down. They're already planning new projects — on the road, of course.

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