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Super Mario Odyssey is a very GIFable game, as proven by these adorable moments

Can we have this game right now?

Nintendo spent a large portion of its day at E3 demonstrating different gameplay from its biggest title of the year, Super Mario Odyssey.

We, like so many of you, were glued to our screens, watching Mario run through different worlds, but that’s not what left us enamored. It was the little quirks of Mario’s personality that shines through. From the wiggling of his butt to the tiny shiver he gives when scared, there’s no question that Mario’s adorableness is a key reason as to why the game is so charming.

To prove the point with more than just endless descriptions of what Mario does in the game, we broke down some of our favorite moments into GIFs for you to enjoy. The GIFs seen below were pulled from the Wooded Kingdom. The entire video can be seen above.

Super Mario Odyssey will be released on Oct. 27 for the Switch.

Mario’s dancing

When Mario stops by Crazy Cap shops, he has the option to buy new outfits that he can switch out back at his house. The boombox beside the shop, it turns out, is also something that Mario can interact with. When he throws his cap at it, the boombox comes alive and Mario can be seen getting down to the beat. Between the look of concentration on his face and his expert foot maneuvers, it’s one of our personal favorite moves Mario does in Odyssey.

Mario’s roll

This isn’t the first time that Mario has rolled in the game — and it certainly won’t be the last — but the way he gets into the ball and breaks out of it is delightful. It’s another way to get around the sandbox world designed for exploring ... and it looks like way more fun than plain ol’ walking.

Mario shivering

When Mario gets scared in Odyssey, he starts shivering. His hands clasp around his arms and his legs tremble. It would actually be a little sad if it wasn’t so damn cute.

Mario turns into a tree

Let’s not beat around the bush: Mario specifically turns into a Christmas tree. When he throws Cappy, his hat that allows him to capture items and turn into others, at the tree, he ends up taking on the tree’s form. The little hop the tree performs at the end is the cherry on top of this cute moment.

Mario turns into a plant

Super Mario Odyssey allows Mario to become a number of different items and creatures in the game. In this particular GIF, Mario has transformed into an Uproot. Although it looks tiny, Uproots have extendable legs, which allows them to reach higher places.

Mario strikes a pose

One of my personal favorite moments in the game occurs when Mario changes his outfit. After switching out clothes, he reappears with a proud pose, showing off his new digs.

Mario gets tired

About 22 minutes into the video above, Mario starts to get a little sleepy. He lets out a giant yawn and throws his hands on his knees, hoping to catch his breath. That’s not enough for our adorable safari-plumber, however, and he ends u having to sit down for a few seconds.

Super Mario Odyssey is about more than Mario being cute, however, and the gameplay video above has more information about what Mario will do in the game and the worlds he’ll explore.

Super Mario Odyssey will be released on Oct. 27 for the Switch.

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