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Watch an hour of Super Mario Odyssey gameplay

The game looks amazing, watch all the footage right here

Nintendo showed a lot of Super Mario Odyssey at E3 this year, including two extensive playthroughs that do a good job of sharing the Cronenberg-style body horror and flexibility that comes from removing Mario’s literal soul and placing it into a hat that can then take over other objects so Mario can control them.

You can watch the first thirty minutes of gameplay above, and the second stream can be found below. If Nintendo’s goal is to get people to want this game with a near obscene hunger and longing for a world where Mario can be anything and do anything they have succeeded.

“You’ll see a lot of things that you’ve never seen in Mario’s world before, but a lot of the things you may have seen in our world,” said producer Yoshiaki Koizumi. “These are meticulously crafted spaces that are packed full of things to encounter, discover and interact with.”

This is the Mario we need and deserve: one that is super-cute and can do many things but also hints at a world where Mario has been screaming internally this whole time hoping to regain control of his own body.

Anyway, Super Mario Odyssey will be released on the Nintendo Switch on Oct. 27. You are going to buy it. Everyone is going to buy it. Here are some of our favorite moments if you don’t have an hour to watch all the footage, but this hour of gameplay is very much worth it if you have the time.

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