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Killer Instinct’s newest character arrives June 27

Eagle is KI’s 29th fighter

Microsoft Studios
Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Eagle, the newest Killer Instinct fighter revealed at the end of May, was given a launch date at E3 2017. He arrives June 27.

In Killer Instinct’s canon, Eagle is the brother of Thunder (and was teased back in December with an alternate costume for Thunder). He is the third fighter to be introduced following the third season, which ended last year.

Eagle is distinguished by his ranged bow attack, which has a finite number of uses. However, his spirit animal (also an eagle) can retrieve missed shots and return them to him.

Killer Instinct - Eagle Microsoft Studios

Nicole Fawcette of Xbox told the Xbox Daily livestream at E3 today that Eagle was created in close consultation with the Nez Perce, an indigenous people in the Pacific Northwest who govern their reservation in Idaho.

"Everything you see around Eagle, the way he looks, the weapons, his voice, the music, every single thing has been influenced by the team over in the Nez Perce community,” Fawcette said, crediting the people and the high school of that reservation for their assistance. “The stories, the things he says, his taunts with the snake eyes, that is all authentic to the Nez Perce.

"We wanted a character that fit with the lore, but also fit with the way this character should be dressing,” she added. His full story is told in the expanded E3 trailer below.

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