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Specific outfits will need to be collected to unlock levels in Super Mario Odyssey

But think of the collection you’ll have!

Super Mario Odyssey - Mario just bought a sombrero Nintendo EPD/Nintendo

Super Mario Odyssey is a sandbox adventure game, which means there are endless kingdoms to conquer and crevices to explore, but some of those levels will only be reached with the right outfit.

During Nintendo Treehouse’s Super Mario Odyssey portion of its livestream at E3, the Treehouse Live team demonstrated how specific outfits could be used to unlock gameplay by outfitting Mario with worker’s costume. Those who have played Mario Maker will recognize the worker’s outfit from the game and, as seen in the screenshots below, it does more for Mario in Odyssey than make him look extra adorable.

super mario odyssey
super mario odyssey

According to the Treehouse team, there will be secret levels in each Kingdom that Mario will have to buy outfits to explore. The worker’s outfit seen here is being used in New Donk City, which makes sense. In order to purchase level-specific outfits, players will have to collect purple coins. Although players are given the chance to collect both yellow and purple coins, the purple ones are specific to that level.

super mario odyssey
super mario odyssey

All of Mario’s outfits are based on previous games and the environment of the kingdom he’s in, so they’ll be recognizable to players. We’ve also seen Mario in a safari outfit that he wore in the Wooded Kingdom.

Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo

We broke down some of the best costumes we’ve seen in Super Mario Odyssey so far following the reveal trailer. Naturally, there are dozens that we haven’t seen, but that we expect to in the coming months.

Super Mario Odyssey will be released on Oct. 27 for the Nintendo Switch.

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