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The US will not be getting Monster Hunter XX on the Nintendo Switch (update)

Bad news for fans of the series

Update: “We have not announced any plans at this time,” a Capcom representative told Polygon. Given that statement, it's still possible Monster Hunter XX could come to the US at some point in the future, but the company won't make it official one way or the other right now.

Original story: Capcom recently announced that the Nintendo Switch was getting a Monster Hunter game in Monster Hunter XX, but the game won’t be coming to the United States, the company told Gamespot.

The Monster Hunter series has a long history on Nintendo’s consoles — as well as the PlayStation Portable — and Monster Hunter XX is itself an expanded port of Monster Hunter Generations, a Nintendo 3DS game.

“Monster Hunter’s particularly huge in Japan, where previous portable entries have dominated the sales charts for months on end,” Polygon wrote about the announcement of Monster Hunter XX. “The reveal that the series would be available on Nintendo’s new hybrid home and handheld system seems to have been well-received, according to analysts — soon after Capcom announced the Switch port of XX, Nintendo’s stock hit a nearly nine-year high.”

The next Monster Hunter game coming to the United States is Monster Hunter: World, a title coming to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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