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Miitopia demo goes live on 3DS eShop today, save data will carry over

Battle alongside friends

Miitopia is finally heading to the US next month, but the demo for the RPG-like game is available to download right now.

Nintendo made the announcement during its Treehouse Live stream at E3, demonstrating 30 minutes of gameplay footage. It can be seen above. Although this is technically a new game for players in the US, the game came out in Japan in December.

In Miitopia, Miis band together to fight monsters in a variety of settings. Essentially, a dark lord has appeared and, with a party of three other Miis that you discover along the way, you’ll battle a series of evil minions while trying to make your way to the final boss. Players will take on traditional RPG classes, including wizards and mages, allowing the main hero to cast their friends in various roles.

Miitopia is heavily focused on combat, but keeping a strong and happy relationship between the Miis is important both in and out of combat. If Miis start to argue or things get tense, they’ll be less likely to co-operate in battle with one another and the party suffers. Like Tomodachi Life, another Nintendo game, Miis can spend their time together outside of battle training, exchanging gifts and, yes, poking fun of one another. Just remember that every decision and action outside of battle with have an effect on future gameplay.

The Treehouse team also confirmed that even though Miitopia is still a little over a month from being released, any progress made in the demo will carry over into the full game.

Miitopia will be released on July 28 for the 3DS.

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