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Watch 30 minutes of gameplay from Splatoon 2’s new horde mode, Salmon Run

It gets pretty intense

Nintendo first announced Splatoon 2’s new PvE horde mode, Salmon Run, during a Nintendo Direct presentation in April, and the company used its time at E3 to demonstrate 30 minutes of the mode in action.

In Salmon Run, Inklings are forced to battle salmon-looking creatures while trying to capture new items called Power Eggs. Salmon Run forces players to collect a certain amount of items in each level in order to move forward and level up, with gameplay designed around communication between team members. If someone is in trouble, they can use a distress signal to let teammates know and ask for some backup.

During the stream, Nintendo’s Treehouse Live team stressed that the game was designed with local co-operative multiplayer in mind which led to some other interesting decisions. For example, players have the option to turn the difficulty level up to 100 percent in the game for extra hard gameplay. For players who want to take it a little easier, the difficulty will rise in increments of five percent every time a level is cleared.

The gameplay footage also shows off some more items, like Golden Eggs, which can be used to unlock special gear. For collectors, that means you’ll want to pick up as many Golden Eggs as possible in order to complete your collection of special gear.

Nintendo’s Treehouse team also demonstrated what single-player will look like in Splatoon 2. That video can be seen below.

Splatoon 2 will be released on July 21 for Nintendo Switch.

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