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Super Mario Odyssey’s Cappy already spawned his own meme

Cappy’s mechanic goes with everything

Mario and Cappy artwork from Super Mario Odyssey
Super Mario Odyssey artwork

Super Mario Odyssey still has a few months before it comes out on the Nintendo Switch, but that hasn’t stopped Mario fans from creating their own works of art based on the new mechanic.

In Super Mario Odyssey, Mario is accompanied by Cappy, a magical hat that allows Mario to throw the hat at enemies and possess them. During the various gameplay demos Nintendo has done through out E3, we’ve seen Mario possess a Bullet Bill, Cheep Cheeps, a T-Rex and humans who inhabit New Donk City. But fans have taken one of the most icon shots in the game’s promo material and have been imaging a world where Mario possesses all sorts of other things.

Cappy isn’t the the only thing worth making GIFs out of in Super Mario Odyssey. Nearly every animation in the game is GIFable.

And for fans of Cappy, you’ll be happy to learn that in co-op mode, the second player actually controls Cappy while the first maintains control over Mario.

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