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Super Mario Odyssey’s theme song is one of the best things out of E3

Please enjoy and be happy

It has been a long E3, what with the crowds and the rapid-fire game trailers and the huge new games being announced ... we’re kind of tired here at Polygon HQ. The lack of sleep is beginning to catch up with us. Enthusiasm is flagging.

We turn to Nintendo in our time of need. We’ve been listening to the theme song to Super Mario Odyssey every 15 minutes or so to perk us up. It’s been better than coffee, because this song is a pure shot of happiness right in the ol’ heart-hole.

Do you know who is singing those wonderful words? It’s Pauline!

“As we were developing Pauline more as a character, we know that she was going to be interested in jazz,” producer Yoshiaki Koizumi said. “It was interesting for us to have the first song in a Mario game with vocals.”

This song is what you need right now, and we are happy to provide it.