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Bethesda: Creation Club more like outsourcing than paid mods

Or maybe mini DLC


Bethesda’s recently announced Skyrim and Fallout 4 Creation Club is more like a system for outsourcing new content for those games than it is a way to monetize existing or new user-created mods, company spokesman Pete Hines told Gamespot in a recent interview.

Content from the Creation Club, Hines said, would be treated more like “mini DLCs in some way, although that’s probably not even a great point of reference.”

“They are internally created, or internally created along with external developers,” Hines said. “They're fully internally developed and work the same across all three platforms. They're guaranteed to work with your save games. They don't turn off Achievements or Trophies, unlike mods. They're guaranteed to work with all DLC. They'll be localized as needed. They will be put out and created as official content from the studio."

Hines went on to liken the content creation to the sort of low-level work Bethesda’s internal studios might outsource.

"Like, we need a whole bunch of flower pots; we don't just make flower pots all day, [Bethesda developers] focus on the bigger stuff and outsource the flower pots for somebody else to make,” he said. “This is, in some ways, a lot like that--it's all official content, we don't have any issues with platforms like what kind of things are you or are you not allowed to include in what you do because it's coming from us. It's QA'd by us. It's managed by us as official content and then put up and made available."

While no prices have yet been set for Creation Club content, Hines said it’s not meant to be “high price point stuff; it’s supposed to be small things you can add to your game.”

Bethesda Games Studio is launching Creation Club for PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One this summer.

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