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See Nidhogg 2’s gruesome gameplay in action

Beware the Nidhogg

Check out the gory, colorful sequel to Nidhogg, in this PlayStation Underground video from E3.

Where the original Nidhogg, which had opposing fencers trying to get to opposite sides of the map, was fairly minimalistic, that’s certainly not the case with Nidhogg 2.

The new game, which has the same goals, now has things like being able to stomp your opponent to death, kick weapons out of each others’ hands and incredibly colorful, one might even say, surreal backdrops.

When you kill a player they explode in guts, blood, bones and eyeballs. Also, a sad-faced ghost emerges and floats away.

It looks like the sort of update to a classic game that everyone is going to love.

The video, which features creators Mark Essen and Kristy Norindr from Messhof, is nearly 20 minutes long and does a great job of illustrating why it’s so hard to put the game down once you start playing it.

The game hits later this year for PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.