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Watch Overwatch voice actors throw an emote dance party

Boots and pants and boots and pants

Winston does his thing
Anjali Bhimani

There’s not really a lot that needs to be said about this video other than; ain’t no party like an Overwatch emote dance party.

Anjali Bhimani, the voice of Symmetra, compiled this wonderful video showing off the dancing skills of Overwatch’s many heroes. In it you can see the voice actor cast each dancing out the emotes of their characters —- or trying to.

You can see the emote thing right here and read why it looks like the game characters won’t be dancing for long.

The video, spotted by Kotaku, was compiled from footage grabbed during a New York visit, some home-shot stuff and a gathering of the actors in Los Angeles. Hmm, I wonder what the cast of Overwatch could be doing in LA this week.

Make sure you stick around for the group dancing and of course the happy anniversary message.

Here’s hoping they take those skills to the dance floor all E3 week —- we could all do with some more gleeful, happy feet.

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