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Just Cause 4 trailer features a battle between man and tornado

Just Cause 4 marks the return of Square Enix’s big, silly, destructive open-world franchise

Just Cause 4’s new trailer continues where the series left off: with an absurd amount of explosions. The announcement was softened by a leak just days ahead of Microsoft’s press conference, however. A Steam listing for Just Cause 4 popped up last Thursday, confirming that the sequel was in the works.

The trailer features a handful of additions, the biggest being a tornado. The gloomy weather fits the new art style, which has a grimier, darker look than previous entries in the series.

Developed by Avalanche Studios, newly acquired by Nordisk Film, the Just Cause series focuses wanton destruction, usually of highly explosive facilities, like chemical plants, oil refineries and rock quarries. Avalanche has differentiated Just Cause from open-world brands like Grand Theft Auto by allowing for elaborate, Hollywood-style stunts, like riding on the wing of a fighter plane and jetpacking at high speeds through a dense jungle.

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