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Gears of War meets Funko Pop in new mobile game

It’s called Gears Pop!


Microsoft’s Gears of War franchise is about to deviate away from the norm with a new Funko Pop-inspired mobile game called Gears Pop!

A trailer for the game played during Microsoft’s E3 keynote presentation, showing off the adorable Funko Pop figures in action. Gears Pop! is being toted as a truly new Gears of War experience.

Gears Pop! is inspired by toymaker Funko Pop’s Gears of War collectible figures. Gears Pop! is being developed in partnership with Funko Pop. Gears of War figures are a big part of Funko Pop’s gaming collections, with about 16 different figures and variants available to purchase.

This marks the first Gears of War game developed for mobile platforms. The only other non-console or PC version Gears of War title was a board game called Gears of War: The Board Game, which was released in 2011.

Gears Pop! will be released for both iOS and Android devices in 2019.

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