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Twitter is convinced that Bethesda’s Starfield is a Garfield game in space

Lasagna is even better in zero gravity

Garfield Starfield memes Jim Davis/GoComics/Bethesda Softworks

Last night, Bethesda announced Starfield — a new, space-set game based on original IP — during its E3 2018 press conference. The announcement was met with a great deal of excitement from the Bethesda RPG community, as the Starfield marked the company’s first wholly original property in over 20 years.

We know almost nothing about Starfield at the moment, simply that it’ll release between Fallout 76 and the newly announced Elder Scrolls VI. So we can’t definitely say whether a certain Monday-hating, lasagna-lovin’ orange cat will make his Bethesda RPG debut in Starfield. Yes, the internet is here for the Starfield/Garfield meme.

Garfield’s last foray into the gaming space was Garfield Kart back in 2013. It reasons to believe that Garfield, Odie, and John are due for a comeback. But while we work tirelessly to confirm Starfield’s true identity as a Garfield simulator, imaginative Bethesda fans are working Photoshop overtime to realize their dreams.

Oh man Garfield, you lazy cat. Mondays ... am I right?

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