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The gorgeous Sable is an adventure set far, far away

Shedworks’ game coming to PC and consoles

Sable - scaling the side of the mountain screen Shedworks/Raw Fury

Sable, an upcoming game that premiered at E3 2018’s PC Gaming Show, looks stunning.

The game’s short teaser looks like it came out of a graphic novel, with a muted color palette and thick black outlines around the environments. The adventure game sounds like a comic book, too: Players assume the role of a young wanderer named Sable, who finds themselves on a foreign planet. The whole land is a large, empty desert, with just a few structures and odds-and-ends dotting the landscape. In other words, it looks like a very good place to do some serious growing up.

There will be other people for Sable to encounter and befriend as well, making the single-player game a little less lonely. But that’s about all we know for now — Sable isn’t out until 2019. When it does launch, it will hit Mac and Windows PC. It’s also set to come to consoles, although publisher Raw Fury has yet to specify. For indie studio Shedworks’ debut project, however, Sable already looks like one to watch out for.

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