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Satisfactory is a big, complicated building sim from the makers of Goat Simulator

Coffee Stain’s new game arrives at E3

Coffee Stain Studio open tonight’s PC Gaming Show with a new trailer for its building game Satisfactory.

Players take on the role of an engineer who sets out to explore a map, gather resources and build massive factories. Unusually for the building genre, it’s presented in first-person perspective, rather than the traditional top-down.

The game’s map features plenty of varied landscapes, from jungle to desert. It begins with simple tasks, but the engineer must create a strategy to include expansion and automation, as the factories and the goods they produce become more complex. Satisfactory also allows for multi-floor constructions so players can stack buildings, as well as navigational gadgets like like jump pads and moving walkways.

Coffee Stain Studios is best known for Goat Simulator, a fun game in which players move through a world doing as much damage as possible. Satisfactory looks to be its polar opposite. An alpha for the game is planned in a few months time. You can find out more here.

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