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Private Fallout 76 games confirmed after launch

You may not have to worry about other people in Fallout 76 for long

Fallout 76 Bethesda Game Studios/Bethesda Softworks

Fallout 76 is the first online game in the Fallout universe, but players who were attracted to the series due to the intense, well-told stories may be worried about what that means for their ability to enjoy the game. Will people still be able to explore the world at their own pace without worrying about other players hunting them down?

We don’t have all the details about how the social systems in Fallout 76 will work, but Bethesda’s Todd Howard has confirmed that you’ll be able to set up your own private games to play the way you’d like, but that ability won’t be available when the game first launches.

This came up, oddly enough, in a conversation about mods.

“We love mods, so we are 100 percent committed to [offering mods] in 76 as well,” Todd Howard said in a conversation with Geoff Keighley. “We will not being able to do that at launch, though. Our goal for launch — this is really new for us — is to have a well-running, robust service, and then some period later, we’re currently still designing what that service looks like, you’ll be able to have your own private world, and be able to mod it and do all of that.”

This is great news for anyone who wanted to be able to either play by themselves, or play with friends in their own instance without getting attacked or griefed by other groups of players. We don’t know when the mod system will be added to the game, or even if there will be other tools offered at launch that will allow players avoid each other if they want to play by themselves, but this detail should be good news for players worried about the online nature of Fallout 76.

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