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The Last of Us 2’s kiss was a beautiful way to open Sony E3 2018

Ellie shares a memorable, moving kiss

The Last of Us 2 Naughty Dog/Sony Interactive Entertainment

Sony’s E3 2018 press conference is hardly under way, but it’s already brought us one of our favorite moments of the whole event thus far. And it was just a simple, lovely kiss.

The event opened up with a gameplay trailer for The Last of Us Part 2, which looked bloody and beautiful and a whole mess of other things. All well and good, but the cutscene that preceded and succeeded all the action is what really did it for us, because Ellie shared a loving kiss rarely seen in game trailers.

The scene features Ellie standing at a party, looking slightly awkward, hanging by the wall. But a woman — her partner, presumably — pulls her onto the dancefloor. They chat, they swirl, they look into each other’s eyes ... and then they kiss.

It’s a sweet kiss, even a realistic one; and it’s between two women, which we hardly ever see highlighted in games as major as The Last of Us Part 2. And as the opening of an E3 press conference, no less!

It’s a kiss that literally transports Ellie somewhere else. The trailer then cuts away into gameplay, and the romance is shattered by a whole bunch of death. By the end of it, though, we’re back in that kiss.

We hope to see many more of those kisses in the otherwise brutal, bleak The Last of Us Part 2. And if you want to rewatch Ellie enjoying one of those rare tender moments, Dorkly’s Tristan Cooper threaded both scenes together without that depressing cutaway. That’s below.

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