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Nioh 2 revealed during PlayStation E3 presentation

More ninjas from Team Ninja

Nioh, Team Ninja’s long-in-development action title that finally saw release early last year, is getting a sequel, as just revealed during Sony’s PlayStation E3 press conference. Titled simple Nioh 2, there’s not much to go on outside of the brief teaser.

You can see what appears to be the protagonist struck down, only to pull demon horns out of his head (?) turning him into a demon. Or something? The logo has the same horns behind it, and is followed by the tagline: Defy death. Death defies you ...

Nioh is frequently compared to FromSoftware’s Souls games, matching complicated and punishing combat with other hallmarks of the genre. So it’s notable that FromSoftware is releasing its own Souls-like set in feudal Japan on PS4 next year — that would be Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice — and Nioh 2 is following its predecessor that closely.

The first game was released for PlayStation 4 in February 2017, published by Sony, with the Windows release following in November of that year, published by Koei Tecmo, Team Ninja’s parent company.