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The Fortnite E3 Celebrity Pro-Am: start time, live stream and schedule

Watch some of Fortnite’s biggest stars, including Ninja, pair with celebrities for charity

A Fortnite character plays guitar for a group of fans Epic Games

Three thousand Fortnite fans are going to be able to watch the Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am live at E3, but the rest of us will be able to stream the event through just about any service you’d want to use. And this is going to be something you’ll want to see: Epic Games’ E3 2018 event is more or less acting as Fortnite Battle Royale’s official introduction as a serious competitive game.

“50 pros and 50 celebrities pair up to earn the ultimate Victory Royale — $3,000,000 in charity prize money that they will donate to their charity of choice,” the Fortnite Team posted. “The winning duo will receive $1,000,000 in charity to split!”

You can read the entire guest list if you want to see who will be competing; it’s quite the lineup.

The pairing of celebrities with well-known streamers is a good way to keep the stakes relatively low and fun level high. I’m sure some of these stars are really good at Fortnite, and I’m sure others are Joel McHale.

It’s going to be a wild night.

For information on other E3 streams, check out the full E3 2018 press conference live stream schedule.


The event will begin on Tuesday, June 12 at 3:30 p.m. PT/6:30 p.m. ET. It will be streamed on YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook and Mixer. You can also watch the Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am live in the video embedded below.

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