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Every Nintendo trailer from E3 2018

Nintendo absolutely killed it this year

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - match between Mario, Inkling Girl, Donkey Kong and Link Nintendo

Nintendo’s presence at E3 2018 was something to remember. The long-awaited announcement of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate characters went above and beyond expectations; Nintendo detailed the characters, tweaks, looks, moves and assist trophies in a 25-minute video, which can be seen below. The new Super Smash Bros. may look familiar, but there are a few key differences that’ll set it apart from its predecessors. Metroid’s Ridley swooped in at the last minute, surprising us all with his addition to the fighting roster.

Fortnite is finally confirmed for the Switch after weeks of swirling rumors. Platformer Hollow Knight and arcade classic Killer Queen Black will also be joining the handheld ranks. A brand new Super Mario Party showcased some interesting tablet orientation dynamics in a mini-game. New maps and a ton of new challenges have also been added.

For more announcements, details and analyses, check out our Nintendo E3 2018 storystream here.

Daemon X Machina

Super Mario Party

Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna the Golden Country

Fire Emblem Three Houses

Overcooked 2

There’s baking, broiling and even barbecue. We also got a glimpse of a sushi-making level.

Killer Queen Black

Octopath Traveler

Hollow Knight

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

This isn’t exactly a trailer, but you’ll probably be glued to the screen for a full 25 minutes like we were.