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Fire Emblem: Three Houses comes to Switch next spring

Fire Emblem has never looked this grand

Fire Emblem’s Nintendo Switch debut is called Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Nintendo revealed during its E3 2018 presentation. We got a first taste of the gameplay and story mode, but as for when we’ll get to play it ourselves? We’ll have to keep waiting.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses will launch on Nintendo Switch sometime in spring 2019, according to the game’s trailer. When it arrives, Fire Emblem fans will get to experience the tactical role-playing game on a much, much larger scale than ever before. Alongside huge, fully 3D battles, players will get to command giant forces to unleash stronger attacks. That means they’ll also square off enemies who have several soldiers behind them as well. It looks to be a challenging addition to the general gameplay, which otherwise remains grid-based.

But outside of the battlefield, Three Houses will introduce another new facet of Fire Emblem. Unlike previous entries wherein players are limited to static cutscenes, maps and environments akin to point-and-click adventures, the outside world appears to be fully rendered. The trailer includes shots of the game’s protagonist (another blue-haired man, as always) running freely around a castle location and engaging in conversation with a potential ally, a woman.

The storyline involves protecting a goddess who watches over the kingdom, although the rest remains vague for now. We’ll hopefully find out more about the story line and the rest of Fire Emblem: Three Houses before its launch on Nintendo Switch in spring 2019.

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