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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate gives Splatoon’s Inklings familiar moves

Inkling Boy and Inkling Girl will be both kids and squids

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - match between Mario, Inkling Girl, Donkey Kong and Link Nintendo

Nintendo showed off the first gameplay from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the upcoming Nintendo Switch version of the classic fighting crossover franchise, during its E3 2018 Direct presentation. That includes how a new fighter, the Inkling Girl (and Boy!) work in-game.

Splatoon’s playable characters, the Inklings, will uses weapons that players will recall from the painting-meets-shooter game. Their normal and special attacks see them switching between a number of guns from Splatoon, including the Splat Roller, Splattershot, Ink Brush, Splasher and Blaster. Each one leaves colorful ink on their opponents, which deals plenty of damage. (It also leaves a pretty stain on the fighters and the stage.)

The Inklings can also become squids, of course. Holding down on the control stick should turn them into squids so that they may surf through the inky surfaces on the stage. But just like in Splatoon, players must take care to pay attention to their ink gauges. These can deplete the longer that players stay in squid form, and there’s only one way to charge that gauge back up. Holding the B button down while in shield form will fill their ink back up.

The Inklings’ final smash attack is also pulled right from the Splatoon franchise. It’s Killer Wail, one of the special moves that players can use in Splatoon once they’ve charged it all the way up. It’ll blast characters once it’s unleashed — hopefully off the stage.

Our favorite part about the Inkling Boy and Girl, though? Each one has eight different outfits pulled from the very stylish Splatoon series.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is coming to Nintendo Switch on Dec. 7.

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