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Everyone’s in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ... except Waluigi

Justice for Waluigi

Petrana Radulovic is an entertainment reporter specializing in animation, fandom culture, theme parks, Disney, and young adult fantasy franchises.

Good news: Literally every character that was ever playable in every Smash game ever is going to be in the new Smash Bros title, coming out this December. Even better news: Some highly anticipated characters (Daisy! Inklings! RIDLEY!) are going to be making their Smash debuts in the new game.

But with every piece of joyous news comes a hidden dark side.

Even with this amazing Smash roster, and Nintendo’s reminder that “everyone is here!”, there is a shadow hanging over us all.

Waluigi — meme icon, tennis hero and fan-favorite — will not be joining his comrades in the newest Smash title.

The internet is in mourning. Rightfully so, as Waluigi has blessed us with plenty of meme content and gif-able moments in his time. The cheery echo of “Everyone is here!” rings sadly when it is clear that no, not everyone is.

Waluigi will make an appearance in this new Smash title, however ... but only as a lowly assist trophy.

The Nintendo Direct footage even showed his trophy getting KO’d on screen. Yeowch.

If internet clamor brought Ridley to Smash, then perhaps it could bring this meme icon to the franchise one day, giving Waluigi the spotlight that he deserves.

It seems that even big brands have been hit by this lack of Waluigi. Netflix tweeted this amazing and totally-serious announcement for a documentary exploring the depths of Waluigi’s tragedy.

The deep injustice that Waluigi has suffered will not go unanswered.

But hey, at least we have Mario Tennis Aces to tide us over with sweet, sweet Walu-content.

If you’re still interested, even though Waluigi isn’t in it, Super Smash Bros Ultimate comes out Dec. 7 on Nintendo Switch.